Basketball Free Vector Art and Basketball Certificate Art

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I was asked by a friend of mine to customize a certificate for their event so I responded positively to his request and besides I really hate generic certificates that's why I customized one at adobe illustrator vector graphics maker. Enjoy! 

Basketball Free Vector art, Basketball Tournament Certificates
Basketball Tournament Certificate Art
Basketball Free Vector Art
Basketball Tournament Free Vector Art Design

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Download Here

Table Tennis, Ping pong free vector art and certificate

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I really hate generic certificates, those premade regular border designs which are very boring and dull, memories are supposed to be unforgettable right? So why not give your participants something not regular something not premade. 

With this recent project I had in school, I was requested to make a certificate design for their mini table tennis tournament using vector graphics in illustrator and some final touch at photoshop. Enjoy this certificate of table tennis and ping pong participation!

Table Tennis and Ping pong free vector art certificate
Table Tennis or Ping pong Certificate of Participation

table tennis and ping pong free vector art downloads
Table Tennis or Ping pong Paddles Free Vector Art

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Download Here the Table Tennis Certificate

Sword Brick, Shield Brick, Orange Brick Shirt Design and Vector Art

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Bricks came into my mind when I played the Tetris battle on Facebook. So I made some designs inspired by bricks that I made in Adobe Illustrator using simple rectangle tool and some Ctrl+C % Ctrl+F commands. Would anybody want this to be printed? I do! Enjoy! =)

sword and orange vector art
Banana Sword Brick, Orange Brick, Shield + Sword Brick Vector Art

sword and brick shirt design
Sword Brick Inspired Design, it is sharp and swift! =)

shield and sword brick design
Shield and Sword Brick Inspired shirt design, this could also be a couple shirt design, Watchuthink?

orange brick shirt design
Orange Brick Inspired Shirt Design

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Wreck-It Ralph Shirt Design and Vector Art

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Wreck it Ralph! 

Let's see some change of attitude (from being the villain to becoming the hero) of the classic video game villain Ralph from wreck it Ralph. I'm sure all Gamers of the different classic video games that will be featured and included on the movie wreck it Ralph will all be excited. I also made a vector art and shirt design inspired by Wreck-it Ralph. Enjoy! =)

wreck-it Ralph Shirt Design Spiky Hair Edition
Wreck-it Ralph Gokou edition

wreck-it Ralph Shirt Design mohawk edition
wreck it Ralph mohawk edition

wreck-it Ralph Vector Art

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Mangga, Mangoes, Coconut and Buko Inspired Shirt Design

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Fruits anyone? This post will be inspired by the commonly found fruits on tropical countries, namely mango (mangoes,mangga) and coconut (buko). To those who are not coming from tropical countries or haven't met those delicious fruits yet worry no more because you will be having  the visual taste experience with it.

Thirsty anyone?

mangga, mangoes, mango shirt design

you may download the psd files here
Download Mangoe, Mangoes, Coconut, Buko shirt design here

Brave Merida Shirt Design

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Brave is an animated movie by Pixar Animation that was shown last June 10, 2012 on cinemas nationwide. So I decided to create shirts from this movie, for now here is the first design.

Brave Shirt Design
Brave Merida Inspired Shirt Design
You may download the psd file here.
Download Here
--> Brave Merida Free T-Shirts Design, Shirt Design Download

Frankenweenie Movie Inspired Shirt and Shirts Design

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Frankenweenie shirt design inspired by the upcoming movie this October 2012. The movie Frankenweenie is a tribute to the movie frankenstein. The boy on the movie victor lost its dog sparky and tried to revive his dog but ended up creating a horrible monster just like frankenstein perhaps aesthetically.

However this creature is so cute and cool that I ended up creating a design for it. The design is made in Illustrator and just using basic scribbling and pen tools. It looks cute, well you may judge it. Enjoy! =)

Frankenweenie Shirt Design Ideas
First version of the shirt design, plane old sparky frankenweenie

Frankenweenie Design Ideas
This kinda look something else, I don't know for me its sleeping, well you may judge it by yourself. ;)

Frankenweenie Shirt Chillin
This is my favorite out of the three designs, the movie as you know it is in black and white stop motion so probably there would be no colors, so I made this one with green shades which made it way even cooler and fun.

Here is the download link in order of appearance.
 Download Here

Movie Hotel Transylvania Inspired Shirt Designs Frankenstein

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Here it is the second version of the Hotel Transylvania Shirts Design inspired series, Frankenstein inspired shirt design of the Hotel Transylvania Movie.
Enjoy! =)
Frankenstein Shirt Design

You may download the PSD version here
Download Here
Download Here

Movie Hotel Transylvania Inspired Shirt Designs Dracula

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Set to release on September 28, 2012-3D in theaters nationawide the movie "Hotel Transylvania". This shirt design idea is inspired by the film itself, particularly the main character Count Dracula. This is part of the Hotel Transylvania shirts design series. Enjoy! =)

Dracula Hotel Transylvania Shirt Design

You may download the PSD file here
Download Here
Download Here

Jeep Jeepney Vector Art

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My recent project was to create a border for a Jeepney campaign in our school, jeepneys are relatively safer than the single motors where sometimes the driver doesn't even have a license. I will share to you readers this free jeepney vector art that I made in Adobe Illustrator. This is the jeepney as border I used for the certificate of the campaign.

Jeepney CertificateJeep Jeepney Certificate
you may now download the adobe illustrator file below that link and to those who might need additional files (e.g pdf, eps, psd) for your own usage, you may email me at the contact me page above this post

Download Here

Sketch + Vector Art + Experiment

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Today I bought a new sketch pad
A new eraser and a new pencil
It's been awhile since I last tried this

I used my Digital Camera and photographed it
And then I imported the file into Adobe Illustrator
I clicked live trace, live paint and live paint selection tool

A few clicks on the color swatches and just random picked other colors
Today the experiment was working fine
 but my poem doesn't rhyme, who gives a f**k? I'm having fun.

The Hunger Games Inspired Shirt Design

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The long wait is almost over, the hunger games will be shown on cinemas worldwide this coming March 23, few more hours from now, for that let's prepare our uniforms to join the fight at The Hunger Games. Represent!

Hunger Games Inspired Shirt Design

You may download the PSD file here, for different colors and texture manipulations
Download Here

Download Here

Simsimi Inspired Shirt Design Pinoy T

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Simsimi Shirts anyone?
Simsimi is the app created by Simsimi incorporated, you can view their site here

This is the Simsimi inspired shirt design fused with the common Pinoy streetfood kwek-kwek. Simsimi is the famous talking robot app that will love to screw your brains out in an intellectual conversation (heh). Funny that it has been a phenomenal app, I'm sure lots of people are bored.

So here I am, as my revenge to Simsimi for that sarcastically wonderful conversation we had, designing a version of Simsimi ready to eat. Hope you will love this Pinoy T parody of Simsimi

Simsimi Shirt Design  
Here's another version of Simsimi in orange text. Yum!

Simsimi Inspired Shirt Design
You may download the PSD version here, to edit Simsimi's color as well as text color
Download Here

Disclaimer : I don't own the Simsimi cartoon, it is owned by
© Copyright SimSimi Inc. All Right Reserved

Pinoy T : Bowling, more fun in Davao Shirt Design

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Here's one more design still inspired by the "It's more fun meme, but this time, I add up one more wacky element, (no offense to the bowling industry of Davao City) I downloaded a picture of durian from the internet and manipulate it to look more comical. Hope you will like this Pinoy T parody. Comment and rate this design. =)Davao Design ShirtsYou may edit the colors, by downloading the PSD file here.
Download Here.

Pinoy T : It's More fun in Gensan Shirt Design

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Its more fun to be in Gensan, this shirt design is inspired by the meme "It's more fun in the (insert name of place here)" As it has been already a trend, so why not make a version for my hometown? This shirt is inspired by different colors, to give it a It's more fun feeling plus the cute tuna drawing which will give it a more Gensan Tuna Capital of the Philippines feeling. Hope you'll like this Pinoy T parody. Just download the pic, if you want to print it. =)

Gensan Design Shirts

Wacky Font Inspired Shirt Design

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Hello there reader, since the inception of this blog 7 hours ago all it has caused me has been fruitful and inspiring, so let me end this day with a post inspired by some simple manipulating tips using Photoshop's basic text editing features.

Inserted here is the raw PSD file for you to use and edit, you might as well want to edit the text colors and font. Download here

Paragon Shirts Design Blog Prologue

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Free Graphic Designs, T-shirt parodies, T-shirt design ideas, and all other fun graphic design stuff.

I intentionally uploaded PSD file just for a little bit of editing however I also have the specific ai. files for those designs, you may email me at the address I put on the link below. Enjoy! =)

PS: As I rule I only post .ai or psd files and the jpeg files, but if you might need further files you can email me on the contact me section of this site, feel free to ask. Enjoy! =)