Simsimi Inspired Shirt Design Pinoy T

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Simsimi Shirts anyone?
Simsimi is the app created by Simsimi incorporated, you can view their site here

This is the Simsimi inspired shirt design fused with the common Pinoy streetfood kwek-kwek. Simsimi is the famous talking robot app that will love to screw your brains out in an intellectual conversation (heh). Funny that it has been a phenomenal app, I'm sure lots of people are bored.

So here I am, as my revenge to Simsimi for that sarcastically wonderful conversation we had, designing a version of Simsimi ready to eat. Hope you will love this Pinoy T parody of Simsimi

Simsimi Shirt Design  
Here's another version of Simsimi in orange text. Yum!

Simsimi Inspired Shirt Design
You may download the PSD version here, to edit Simsimi's color as well as text color
Download Here

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