Frankenweenie Movie Inspired Shirt and Shirts Design

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Frankenweenie shirt design inspired by the upcoming movie this October 2012. The movie Frankenweenie is a tribute to the movie frankenstein. The boy on the movie victor lost its dog sparky and tried to revive his dog but ended up creating a horrible monster just like frankenstein perhaps aesthetically.

However this creature is so cute and cool that I ended up creating a design for it. The design is made in Illustrator and just using basic scribbling and pen tools. It looks cute, well you may judge it. Enjoy! =)

Frankenweenie Shirt Design Ideas
First version of the shirt design, plane old sparky frankenweenie

Frankenweenie Design Ideas
This kinda look something else, I don't know for me its sleeping, well you may judge it by yourself. ;)

Frankenweenie Shirt Chillin
This is my favorite out of the three designs, the movie as you know it is in black and white stop motion so probably there would be no colors, so I made this one with green shades which made it way even cooler and fun.

Here is the download link in order of appearance.
 Download Here